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The Best Books About the History of Capital Punishment

Shepherd Books
Nov 2022

Christoffel Fabritius Being Burnt in Antwerp 1564_edited.jpg

The Page 99 Test

Campaign for the American Reader, Oct 2022

Singing the News of Death - cover.jpg

How Bread Shortages Helped Ignite the French Revolution

History Channel, Sept 2019


Why Napoleon Kidnapped One Pope After Another

History Channel, Aug 2019


Why Catherine the Great's Enemies Turned Her into a Sex Fiend

History Channel, Nov 2018


What Inspired Queen 'Bloody' Mary's Gruesome Nickname?

History Channel, Oct 2018


Gothic realities: tabloid coverage of the macabre in the nineteenth century

Baillieu Library, Mar 2018

L' il_de_la_police_ _[...]_bpt6k955583v_1.jpeg

From the 16th-century to men's rights activists, why 'cuckold' is the worst thing you can call a man

The Conversation, Dec 2017

Order of cuckoldry-ca1815-French-satire-w.jpg

French kissing to lesbian orgies: the origins of the myth of the debauched French court

The Conversation
July 2016


7 Key Figures of the French Revolution

History Channel, Nov 2022


Was Napoleon Short? Origins of the
'Napoleon Complex'

History Channel, Nov 2019


From feral hogs to the sow of Falaise – the history of persecuting animals for human crimes is longer than you realise

The Independent
Aug 2019

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How a Scandal Over a Diamond Necklace Cost Marie Antoinette Her Head

History Channel, Dec 2018


How Marie Antoinette's Legacy Was Sullied By Vicious Songs About Her Death

History Channel, Oct 2018


Why Sir Walter Raleigh Was Beheaded

History Channel, Oct 2018


Why fake news is anything but new

Pursuit, Dec 2017


Old-school news: sensational, moralistic and, above all, sung

Aeon Magazine,
Sept 2017         

18C news seller dress.jpg

Death penalty: execution ballads were the news reports and tweets of a bloody era

The Conversation
Aug 2015

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